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How much does it cost to hire a car in Kenya? That is a question that many clients ask. Infact many people who search for car hire services in Kenya, are always looking for information that will help them plan their car hire. So let us look at that for a moment.

How much a car rental will cost varies with many factors. The most important is how long the rental period is, and the distance/mileage coverage on the car. The shorter the rental period the more expensive the daily rate. The longer the period the cheaper  the rate.

Hiring a saloon car in Kenya will cost you anything between Kes 2,500 (US$27) to  Kes 4,500 (US$48) per day if you are hiring for a period of less than one month. The factors that inform pricing include the vehicle's model, age, maintenance history and whether it is peak season or off-peak season. You can get a saloon car at the rate of Kes 2,000 (US$22) but the car will most probably be too old, has a poor maintenance record and the contract makes you liable to replace a new car if the old rugged one is stolen or broken beyond repair!

Hiring a 4X4 car in Kenya will cost you between Kes 5000 (US$53) to KES 20,000 (US$211) per day. Again, the price range is informed by the following factors: the model of the 4X4 car, the make/manufacturer of the vehicle, the period of the rental, the age of the car, distnace/mileage, excess insurance coverage and whether it is a self-drive or hire with a driver. Some luxury 4X4 are charged hourly rates.

There are reliable car rental firms that provide affordable pricing. But this are few and far between. When hiring a self drive car it is important to consider that the price you often see on a website is not the actual price that you will pay. Some underhand companies lure customers by posting ridiculously cheap prices and then charging customers for makeshift clauses. If cheap car rental is your thing, you will most probably be lured by this cheap pricing that may hurt you in the long run. Infact these cheap car rental phenomenon is ridiculously common that a simple google search on car rental reviews will validate this point.

Professional car rental rental companies will often provide you with a quotation detailing the total cost of the car including liabilities before rushing to charge your credit card.

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