4x4 Camper

4X4 Car camping, Caravanning, RV camping is basically using your car for  transport and sleeping accommodation. The concept is popular in many parts of the world and is better than traditional camping or backpacking because a car allows you to carry more equipment and focus on enjoying the adventure. 4X4 Camper is also similar to a motorhome although motorhomes are more comfortable and spacious. However 4X4 camper cars with roof tent provide more agility and ease of movement than RVs/ motorhomes or recreational vehicles.

We offer two types of 4X4 camper cars with roof tent. One is a double cabin camper. This 4X4 double cab camper car has a customised tent and accessory over the bed of the pickup truck. It  provides roomy accomodation and ease of transitioning from offroad to towns. Two is a 4X4 SUV camper or Land Rover camper. The 4X4 camper uses a roof top camper which basically has a tent that temporarily mounts to roof rack systems of SUVs, trucks, vans, and selected station wagons. Check our list of 4x4 campers that are available for hire in Kenya.

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