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Compact 4X4 car hire Kenya services

The midsize 4X4 car rental category continues to expand almost bridging the gap between this category and the fullsize 4X4. Our range of intermediate 4WD SUV rental category includes the Toyota Rav4, Nissan Xtrail, Honda CR-V and the Suzuki Grand Vitara. This midsize SUVs provide you with the ability to seamlessly go offroad, town and country. You can even add a rooftent on top for a complete camping experience.

Our range of compact four wheel drive rental SUVs are available from various locations and airports in Kenya. You can hire a 4X4 midsize SUV in NairobiMombasaKisumuEldoret and Nakuru. Compact 4WD  rental is relatively cheaper than fullsize 4x4 hire like the Toyota Prado, or an offroader like the Toyota J70

Mid-size 4X4 are available on self-drive and for hire with a driver. You can also rent a mid-size 4X4 suv on long term and short term car rental contract basis. Our compact 4WD car rental prices are very affordable. The 4x4 fleet of cars is almost-new, well-maintained and in good condition. 

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Intermediate 4X4 Usage in Kenya.

The midsize range of compact 4X4 cars is ideal for both offroad and town manourvers. An additional tent and camping gear and you can embark on a self-drive adventure through Kenya's countryside. The 4WD intermediate range is ideal for offroad terrain with an exception of very hard terrains that require a jeep. When hiring compact 4X4's we always ask questions regarding usage to determine the ideal car rental for our clients.